Monday, January 21, 2008

Moo Cow Move

It has taken me for ever to get this posting thing worked out. Ok I need to get better. This last week I took a little trip of 900 miles. I love to drive. So when Reg asked me to go get some cows for him I said sure no problem I love to. So off I went but first thing's first. I needed a trailer to hall them cows with. No problem my Dad in Southern Arizona has one and it only 300 miles there to get it so off my son and I went. We had a blast with our cups for soda and snacks we were off. Driving was fun Steve and I just talked and talked then he slept and slept. We spent the night with my Dad then early the next morning we left and kidnapped him to come with us. Then drove from Southern Arizona on the East side to Northern Arizona on the West side to pick up the cows. We got two Milk cows and 3 calves. There was no room for the calves in the trailer with out them getting hurt so inside the van with us they came. We put a tarp down to catch all the extrusions. The headed home. We got all home ok with no problems. But that is where that ended. Getting the calves to they new little home. You would think that a 200 pound man with several children to help would be able to get them calves in to their pin. However two hours latter we were getting the last ones in. However we did more training little kids then corelling little calves. All in all things went well and I got to drive :). Happy Day :)