Sunday, November 11, 2007


We had a sad, but also wonderful experience this Saturday, the 10th of November. We celebrated the life of a beloved Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, and a Great-Great-Grandmother, all in the same woman. Out of her 8 children, she has 66 grandchildren, 117+ great-grandchildren (some are on the way), and five great-great-grandchildren. Friday night, with a rehearsal of less than 2 hours, the family combined to have a small but complete orchestra, womens choir, and combined family choir. The music that came from these groups was heavenly. Her life was built on living the gospel of Jesus Christ, and her home was filled with music. This feat could only have been done with the talent that flowed from her to all of her posterity. Her family will continue to grow, and all will possess the light that flowed from her to all that knew her for generations to come. Other tributes are found here
Dallen & Krissi (Grandchildren)

White Mountain Independent (Local Newspaper)

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I haven't posted in a while but lately I was thinking about my scouting experiences and remembered being put in as an Asst. Scoutmaster. I thought how will I be able to accomplish such a thing there are camping trips, hikes, and service projects how could I best serve my boys. I had a lot to think of but I love the scouting program and jumped right in with all 4 wheels. Here I am with some of my scouts at that first trip most are Eagle's now and I am proud that I had a small part in their accomplishments. All of those boys with whom took my first camping trip in a chair with have gone on to bigger and better things some are married, some are serving missions, and some are preparing for their turn as Scoutmaster. I no longer am a Asst. SM I serve the scouting organization in other ways now but i will never forget my boys and our first camping trip.