Friday, April 25, 2008

School Dazze

What a thrill for me to register my son in his first collage classes. Even though he is in high school still his school will pay for him to go to college. We went and got him tested for English and Math, he placed right where I had expected him to place. This year he will take three classes Math 109, Computer Information Systems 100, and Spanish 101. However, the thrill doesn't end there I have been taking classes for the last two years the collage also, and he and I are taking the Spanish class together HOW COOL IS THAT!! I hope that soon I will decide what to do when I grow up. As for him he is really decided which area to study. He started out wanted to be a Vet; our little collage doesn't have a Vet program. I suggested he enroll in the Nursing program which would give him a solid background and a job while he was following his dream. However, he now thinks that being a MD and a VET would be cool. I can just see his office now human patients’ on one side of the office and animal on the other side. I think that he will soon figure out which way he wants to go for now he is focused on becoming a nurse. He has been working on an on-line High School and if he wants to he could have his AA in two years and a BS by the time his heads out on his mission. Plus when he is 18 he can get his RN and be a nurse and a missionary. I am so excited. He is a good boy and I love him very much.