Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

What a day I had today. My father came up to visit and to help ordained my youngest son to the office of a teacher. Thus I was able to plan his father's day gift. Before I reveal what he received let me digress some 32 years. As a young boy I was very curious about things. I love to dig and play all the time. One day while my dad was building our house. I got a hold of his pocket knife. What a thrill. I was playing very nice with it, taking care not to abuse it in any way. My dad always used that knife. However it wasn't too long before the boy in me came out and I needed to dig a hole. So off I went under the furthest tree and started to dig a hole in the hard ground. Things were going only ok till I got the bright idea that if I used my dad's knife I would be able to dig my hole faster. The hole was going good and getting deep, the ground was getting harder so I got a hammer and was hammering on the knife. Well you guessed it the blade broke. Now being a resourcefully child I was I knew I needed to fix it. So out came the biggest slot head screw driver I could find. I started to pound the screw driver to break apart the knife so I could replace the blade. That is when my father found me you guess it he needed his knife. I don't remember what happened after that. So after 32 years I finally re payed my father for this fathers day I got him the same knife that I had broken some 30 years early. It was a buck whittlers special. Happy Fathers Day Dad.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Birthday Gift."

<--------- What a bummer I had to cook my own breakfast in bed.
Wow I just thought I would write and tell every one "Birthday Gift" got you. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY. Many years ago (not going to tell how many) I was born. As tradition runs in my wife's family you say "Birthday Gift" at birthdays or "Christmas Gift" at Christmas ect. Well at five this morning my wife woke me up and said "Birthday Gift" can't wait till the kids get up so I can get someone. OOO I forgot to also say "Shasta" that's my brothers version. So Royer "Shasta". It has been a fun thing for as long as I have been a part of her family. So remember to say "Birthday Gift" or "Shasta" to everyone you know because though Vince Lombardi is not quite as famous as me we still share the same Birthday. Happy Birthday Vince.