Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Traditions

What fun it is when you learn that you started a tradition in a family's life. Many years ago we traveled to visit our good friends. While there we suggested to see the movie "Monsters Inc". This was also the year that we started a tradition of our very own. We chose names and started to make a gift for that person. I remember what I got. My wife made me a wallet and I made her a doll; she collect's dolls. We have done that each year since. This year, we decided that we would make all our family members a gift. That was quite a project, let me tell you. Each gift was to be well thought out. If we need to buy supplies, than it needed to be of practical use. Otherwise, if we had the supplies on hand, the sky was the limit. Though my wife picked out everything for her present, (a man just doesn't go out and get the supplies without council) I assembled it. She picked out the material, pattern, and all the accessories to go with the dress that was made by my youngest son and I. Not a bad job, if I do say so myself. Well, enough of that. When our friends came out to visit us after Christmas, they informed us that we needed to go see a movie. Apparently, each year after that first movie, it has been a tradition for them to go view a flicker show. Nice to know we started something good.

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Anonymous said...

And you did a great job on her present - even if you may have gotten a crick in your neck from using your chin - LOL! You guys start many great things - I'm considering the homemade gift thing for ourselves :)